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Who am I:

My name is Tim Batchelder & I am passionate about creativity, the outdoors and seeking the best for other people.

What I have been given:

I believe I have been given talents in the area of creativity and specifically videography.  Videography is fairly broad, so specifically I am passionate about storytelling in any shape or form. Be it a personal story, a brand story or political story. 

What inspires me:

Watching other cinematographers create and being able to watch their final products stirs up a deep desire to create and to ‘story tell’. Listening to peoples/brands stories conjure up in me a whole story line, sound score and lighting opportunities that need to be acted on immediately. 

Goals & vision of Tim Batch 

The vision of Tim Batch is to be a catalyst for passionate film makers and editors to both collaborate and pioneer innovative styles of capturing and editing documentary style films. We are not mainstream filmmakers, but filmmakers in to tell the unlikely stories.